[NRVR-Members] EggTimer Soldering Workshop @ Sat Jan 26, 2019 3pm - 6pm (EST) reminder

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Perfect timing Jordan.

A couple of you got yourself new soldering irons, but were concerned with the size of the stock "garage hobby" tips (too big for SMT).  There just enough time (with Amazon two day shipping) to get whatever tips you need.  I think Jordan was recommending a fine tip pencil tip (conical) or small chisel tip (~1mm or so).  I too like a 0.7 - 1.0 mm chisel (or "screw driver" tip, as Weller calls them) tip.  You have just enough time (an amazon two day shipping) to get whatever you need.

And +1 agree on the importance of having:

-fine tweezers  (I'll have a couple extra pair with me)

-good light *

-good magnifier*

-way to hold your work and small parts*

-extension cord

* - In a pinch.. Harbor Freight a lot of this stuff:




We will also have wifi access.. but agree with Jordan that having a print out you can quickly flip through (and check off the stages of your work) is important.

And just to prove that it can be done.. I tackled three of these kits this weekend and was able to finish them all:

Pics & Video - https://photos.app.goo.gl/r4uTS3S5GSjmYGnz7

p.s. Jordan.. on the iron power, I found that 15W wasn't enough (with small fine tips) for a couple of those ground plane soldering points in these kits. A couple of times I had to turn up the temp/power to get the solder flowing without burning up the part.  Though we should have enough irons there.. that anyone with problems we can help.

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Subject: EggTimer Soldering Workshop @ Sat Jan 26, 2019 3pm - 6pm (EST) reminder

Now is probably a good time to give a last minute reminder for everything you'll need. I suggest reading through the assembly manual before you arrive, just to familiarize yourself with the assembly process.

Required items you must bring:
-your kit(s)
-PRINTED COPY of the assembly manual for each kit you plan to assemble
   Available at http://eggtimerrocketry.com/home/support/
-Low-wattage soldering iron, 15W or less, with a fine conical tip
       Note:    My best luck has been with medium conical tips (0.8-1mm) and 1 or 2mm chisel tips
                    Finer tips heat up the large pads very slowly, bigger tips are just too unwieldy on these boards
-Small needle-nose pliers
-Small diagonal cutters
-Tweezers to handle the SMT parts
-A “third hands” stand or small vise to hold the board in various positions
-A small damp sponge or tinning block for cleaning the tip of your soldering iron
-A lighted magnifier or loupe for inspecting solder joints and reading SMT chips
-Some PAPER masking tape (do NOT use Scotch® tape or electrical tape)

Helpful items:
-Pen or pencil
-Extension cord
-Soldering iron stand
-Heat-proof pad / antistatic mat
-2-3 small dixie cups or small, shallow trays for parts
-Desoldering wick or gun
-Head-mounted, lighted loupe or USB microscope, for working on the board
-Small book light for better lighting on the board
-paper filter/mask if you are sensitive to solder fumes
-9v or 2s lipo battery, battery clip, and switch to wire onto your transmitter or altimeter
-Laptop with USB port (For USB connected items)
-Android phone with Rocket Locator app (For Bluetooth connected items)

I will have some extras for components and misc parts. Having put a couple of these together, I can't stress enough about bringing a paper copy of the assembly manual, tweezers, a magnifier, and some way to corral your soldering iron (stable stand or other heat-proof holder).

See you all on Saturday!

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