[NRVR-Members] EggTimer Soldering Workshop @ Sat Jan 26, 2019 3pm - 6pm (EST) reminder

Jordan Truesdell jordan at truesdell.org
Tue Jan 22 10:10:05 CST 2019

Now is probably a good time to give a last minute reminder for everything you'll need. I suggest reading through the assembly manual before you arrive, just to familiarize yourself with the assembly process. 

Required items you must bring:
-your kit(s)
-PRINTED COPY of the assembly manual for each kit you plan to assemble 
   Available at http://eggtimerrocketry.com/home/support/
-Low-wattage soldering iron, 15W or less, with a fine conical tip
       Note:    My best luck has been with medium conical tips (0.8-1mm) and 1 or 2mm chisel tips
                    Finer tips heat up the large pads very slowly, bigger tips are just too unwieldy on these boards
-Small needle-nose pliers
-Small diagonal cutters
-Tweezers to handle the SMT parts
-A “third hands” stand or small vise to hold the board in various positions
-A small damp sponge or tinning block for cleaning the tip of your soldering iron
-A lighted magnifier or loupe for inspecting solder joints and reading SMT chips
-Some PAPER masking tape (do NOT use Scotch® tape or electrical tape)

Helpful items:
-Pen or pencil
-Extension cord
-Soldering iron stand
-Heat-proof pad / antistatic mat 
-2-3 small dixie cups or small, shallow trays for parts
-Desoldering wick or gun
-Head-mounted, lighted loupe or USB microscope, for working on the board
-Small book light for better lighting on the board 
-paper filter/mask if you are sensitive to solder fumes
-9v or 2s lipo battery, battery clip, and switch to wire onto your transmitter or altimeter
-Laptop with USB port (For USB connected items)
-Android phone with Rocket Locator app (For Bluetooth connected items)

I will have some extras for components and misc parts. Having put a couple of these together, I can't stress enough about bringing a paper copy of the assembly manual, tweezers, a magnifier, and some way to corral your soldering iron (stable stand or other heat-proof holder). 

See you all on Saturday!

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