[NRVR-Members] BFSL Pre-Registration Form & Special Rocket Needs

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Jul 16 17:17:21 CDT 2019

Hey Fellow Rocketeers!
The NRVR BFSL launch this Sat& Sun is almost here! 

To expedite your HP flight registration, please fill out registration form here:
[ https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-bfsl-volunteer ]( https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-bfsl-volunteer ) 

Save $5/day of HP launch fee by volunteering on the **Volunteering tab. (members already for $5 off the $10/day fee!)
Also.. if you have any "special flights", add it to our "HP Projects" tab (from the link above). Basically we just want to list any large, >6k ft flights, cert flights, research flights, complex (or "weird") flights on this tab. We won't need a ton of info here.. Just any special needs you have (e.g. rails, pad support, time/day your want to fly it, etc). Maybe a photo of your project so we can blog about it. :)
On the safety side, for any large/complex/research/cert/first-time flights (or are a non-member/student flyer), please also download, fill out and send us a Pre-Flight Data Capture Form for your HP project from here:
[ http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ) 
and send it to [ officers at nrvr.org ]( mailto:officers at nrvr.org ) BEFORE Saturday!

Email any questions to [ officers at nrvr.org ]( mailto:officers at nrvr.org ) 
See you this weekend!

NRV Rocketry Officers
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