[NRVR-Members] BFSL Food Situation - Anyone able/willing to bring a grill & make burgers & dogs?

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Jul 16 21:20:41 CDT 2019

So I got some not so fun news.. Unfortunately Paul Schafer (of Rocket Grill fame) can't make it:

Paul's been our grill guy for the last few years.. and it's always been awesome! Both he, his grill and awesome rockets, and having all the NC guys flying with us. Good times. :)
However, this year he and his wife a little too much fun in the sun and are suffering from some pretty serious sun poisoning.  At most he might be able to make it up to just hang out watch from the shade, but it's really knocked him out and he can barely get around.. so we'll see... but either way.. no Rocket Grill (or his great eats) this year.
But the main question I have is..
Is anyone willing/able to head up bringing a grill and cooking up/selling brats, dogs and burgers? I might be able to subsidize the purchasing of a the meat and fixings if someone is able/willing to make and sell food (just to pay me back).. at least from like 11am-2pm on Saturday.  If so.. I'm sure we'll make back at least most of the money for the food (thinking dogs, brats, burgers, chips, drinks, maybe some slaw or something).
If this sounds like it's in someone's comfort zone.. please reach out asap.  (I have a grill, but it's charcoal.. not ideal for a multi-hour "Event").
Worst case.. we have no food on site when people are expecting it.. and I have to announce to attendees it's a "brown bag event".
Let us know soon if it's something anyone here thinks they could pull off for 2-3 hours on Saturday around nosh time (Sunday is optional.. whatever you think).
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