[NRVR-Members] Head Count Check for Those Interested in a Hands on, All-Day, APC Motor Mixing Workshop, Fri July 19th

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There are two answers to that question. The simplest is that you will make
a 4-grain 38mm during the class which is a K, so to fly it, you would need
to be level 2. The class gives you the hardware to make 38mm grains.
However, if you buy hardware to make other sizes, you can make anything
from a 29 to 98 mm.... level 1 through level 3.

To fly them, we have to declare that a launch is experimental. Other than
greater set back distances, it looks the same.

Others, correct me if I am wrong!


it class they give you the following hardware:

1) four sets of 38mm 3-d printed tops and bottoms for grains
2) one 3-d printed base plate, a mandrel, and screw to assemble it

and consumables

3) for 38mm paper tube sections about 2 inches long
4) a liner that fits in a 38mm case which the grains sections in paper
tubes slide in to

Finally, you need to buy an experimental motor case to hold the grains

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> T. Weeks,
> What certification level do you need to be to participate in this class?
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