[NRVR-Members] Head Count Check for Those Interested in a Hands on, All-Day, APC Motor Mixing Workshop, Fri July 19th

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Mon Jun 10 10:09:33 CDT 2019

I’m 90% sure the motor is J impulse, still requires an L2 cert to fly.  If
they are getting K impulse out of a 4 grain 38 mm motor then they need to
share the secret with NASA!

The casting and liner tubes fit Loki and I think AMW hardware which is not

We are now calling all our launches research. Like Pat said it means
greater distance to pads and the waiver is reduced to 80% of the commercial
waiver. That still gives 8,000 agl for flying.


On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 10:47 AM Pat Artis <pat.artis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bill:
> There are two answers to that question. The simplest is that you will make
> a 4-grain 38mm during the class which is a K, so to fly it, you would need
> to be level 2. The class gives you the hardware to make 38mm grains.
> However, if you buy hardware to make other sizes, you can make anything
> from a 29 to 98 mm.... level 1 through level 3.
> To fly them, we have to declare that a launch is experimental. Other than
> greater set back distances, it looks the same.
> Others, correct me if I am wrong!
> Pat
> it class they give you the following hardware:
> 1) four sets of 38mm 3-d printed tops and bottoms for grains
> 2) one 3-d printed base plate, a mandrel, and screw to assemble it
> and consumables
> 3) for 38mm paper tube sections about 2 inches long
> 4) a liner that fits in a 38mm case which the grains sections in paper
> tubes slide in to
> Finally, you need to buy an experimental motor case to hold the grains
> On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 10:33 AM William Noble <wnoble at nr.edu> wrote:
>> T. Weeks,
>> What certification level do you need to be to participate in this class?
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