[NRVR-Members] Saturday "Research Launch" is GO

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Fri Jun 21 13:40:23 CDT 2019

Hey all..

We don't have a ton of people, so this will be a smaller, more agile/personalized club launch, but we will still be setting up at the normal 9am time, and will just break down when we decide we're done and want to leave. :)

If anyone can help us setup, a couple of us will have coffee and breakfast at around 8:15ish at Gobble-Stop (just before the turn off Prices fork). If you miss us.. we'll be at the field at 9am.

We DO need helpers for both setup (9am) and breakdown (whenever).

NOTE: This will be a "Research Launch", probably with one low power bank, and one or two HP pads at 250ft (for handling up through Ks).

If anyone wants to do any of the following, PLEASE let us know asap:

  *   fly over a K (needs a 300ft pad set up)
  *   fly an M (we would probably set up a single L/M pad at 500ft)
  *   fly anything "complex" (multi motor clusters or stages), which has additional distance reqs'

If anyone is interested.. here's the simple version of the safety standards these policies are formed on:


Anyone flying HP should at least familiarize themselves with these standards.

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