[NRVR-Members] Sign-Up for Thursday Night Meeting Time Slots

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sat Mar 16 12:16:40 CDT 2019

If anyone wants to present on anything at our Thursday night meeting (new rocket projects, kit build  reviews, or fun technology you're working on), including Pre-Flight Design review docs, etc.. please fill out one or two 10 minute slots on our meeting agenda here:
[ https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-2019-03-21 ]( https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-2019-03-21 ) 
so we can guarantee a time slot (we've had some folks go way over and inadvertently bump others who wanted some floor time ;).
Slides are not required.. but if you have slides you can link to, please include the link.
Student Presentations:
This is also a great time for students (or members) to present Design Review presentations, if requested by NRVR or required by your school.
Talking about student flights.. the officers have discussed this with VT Aerospace and the TRA, and Dr. Patterson has also met with a nation wide assembly of the TRA, NAR, plus other rocket flying universities regarding HJP student flights.  Regarding this, NRVR we WOULD like to start having all students at least fill out a [ Pre-Flight Data Capture Form ]( http://www.tripoli.org/Portals/1/Documents/Certification/TAPPre-FlightDataCaptureForm.pdf ) for any student HP flights at our events, and possibly do [ full blown design reviews documentation for larger projects ]( https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-l3 ) for pre-approval to fly at NRVR sanctioned launches.
But we can talk more about this at the meeting...
NRVR President
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