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Title: LAUNCH: Fall Night Launch
Special October Night Commercial (TRA) LaunchCommercial motors only,  
no high power, no research motors, complex (staged, etc) or exotic launches  
at this launch.Saturday Day Launch Specifics:(separate day launch  
details)Saturday Night Launch:All attendees must have personal illumination  
(flashlight, glow stick, etc). All recovery personnel to the RSO can track  
people on the field. All rockets must have an illumination device that will  
provide a sufficient source of light to be visible for the entire flight,  
including its pre-liftoff condition while on the pad. Special Night  
Launch Requirements:No High power flights (only up through G motors (160  
N-seconds max), 3.3lbs max massMax apogee altitude is limited to 2,000ft  
(AGL)All rockets require on board illumination (LEDs, Glow sticks, etc)Must  
have already flown at the day launch & RSO approved (in exact same  
motor/rocket config)RSO has final say on launch / no-launchMore details on  
night-launch safety protocol here. Please monitor our website  
www.nrvr.org for any weather related changes.
When: Sat Nov 21, 2020 6pm – 9pm Eastern Time - New York
Calendar: nrvr-members at nrvr.org
     * tweekstemp at gmail.com - creator
     * nrvr-members at nrvr.org

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