Input requested on two stage build project

Michael Czernicki mikebpd221 at
Wed Mar 3 08:10:03 CST 2021

I’m working on a two stage project and have run into a question I wanted to get some feedback on while I’m still in the conceptual phase.  Does our group have a safety protocol on sustainer ignition in two stage rockets?  Electronics in the budget range I have can do either a timed ignition with inhibition based on orientation axis or minimum altitude/velocity.  The build scope is a 2.2” airframe, not exceeding 2000g so there’s not a ton of room to build in.  I’m planning on keeping the flight profile under 3000’ altitude with H to F motors.  Anything bigger risks outflying the field.  

Forum opinions on this question are pretty wide but seem more directed at mitigating failures in much larger rockets than what I’m proposing.  Closer to home input seems like a better idea than “the internet said so”.  

I appreciate the feedback and I’m more than willing to bring plans and pieces to the next event if that helps.  Look forward to flying soon.  

Mike Czernicki 

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