[NRVR-Members] Sept 25-26th Launch at SINKLAND (not Kentland) farms for the Fall Pumpkin Festival!!

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Thu Sep 16 23:11:30 CDT 2021

Hey all..

One last word about the limits of this launch, our ceiling, and that it's a class-1 (low/medium power) TRA commercial launch event.

To echo what we said in some of the other emails.. Just make sure:
  -the rocket weighs in under 1500g (3.3lbs), sitting loaded on the pad 
  -the motor has 125g or less of propellant (all Gs and some Hs)
  -Simulations show it won't break 1500ft (our imposed limit for this field)

As proof of this last point, any flyer may be asked to fill out one of these RSO pre-flight data capture forms on site:

So either save and bring your sim data (with things like speed off the rod, T:W, CP/CG, and max altitude, stability cal, etc)... or just fill out one of the forms above ahead of time.

There will be a lot of pumpkin farm customers.. so we need to keep things safe.


On Sunday, September 12, 2021 1:42pm, "Thomas Tweeks Weeks" <tom at theweeks.org> said:

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> Hey All!
> So we're still shut out of Kentland, but I have reached out to an old NRVR
> friend.. the owner of Sinkland Farms down in Riner off Hwy8.. and she is SUPER
> excited to have us come fly with her again in September and possibly October!
> [ https://sinklandfarms.com/ ]( https://sinklandfarms.com/ )
> We'll be positioned on the back hill.. See calendar for GPS coords.
> Note: This is a Low/Medium power (class-1) rocket launch. There's no FAA waiver,
> and all launches are restricted to 125grams of propellant (up thru most G motors)
> and 1500grams (3.3lb) rocket weights (on the pad).  So NO BIG or HP will be
> allowed.  We will provide standard low power pads and 1010 rails (may have 
> mini/micro rails too I think).
> Launch details are on our website and calendar here:
> [ http://nrvr.org/calendar/ ]( http://nrvr.org/calendar/ )
> If you've never been to the Sinkland Farms Pumpkin Festival, it's a TON of fun..
> Bring your whole family to browse pumpkins, kettle cord, live music, petting zoo,
> meat on a stick, ice cream.. they have it all.
> Group Motor Order Thru THIS FRIDAY:
> If anyone wants in.. I've started a group order to get myself a few G motors at
> Chris Rocketry Supplies ( [ csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html ](
> https://csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html ) ).. You have through THIS FRIDAY
> (@5pm) to place your order, and indicate in the shipping instructions "Add to
> Tweeks/NRVR shipment" and they will split the $50-60 hasmat/shipping costs between
> all of us (the more who order the cheaper it is). A good way to save a few bucks.
> But DO NOT WAIT.. After Friday, Chris will ship them to my house and you're on
> your own.  I'll split out the motor orders and hand them out at the launch.
> I'll leave the RSO limits to Bob.. but if he doesn't weigh in.. I'll say we want
> to keep most rocket flights under say 1500-2000ft.. and we're not sure about
> sparky motors yet.. so have various motor options on hand.  I think we also get
> free parking/admission to the farm.. but I'll check on that.
> Any questions?
> T.Weeks
> NRVR Rocketry

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