[NRVR-Members] Sept 25-26th Launch at SINKLAND (not Kentland) farms for the Fall Pumpkin Festival!!

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Fri Sep 24 00:10:08 CDT 2021

Just a quick update.. 

It seems that everyone able to help with setup is showing up at 10:30 Sat morning. Here's Sinkland Farms: 
more info:

Normally everyone pays parking and admission.. but just tell them you're flying rockets for Susan with the Rocket group. We have separate parking on the back hill.. down the dirt road that the hayride goes down.. past the pumpkin patch up on the back hill. So drive up the steep dirt hill and park with us.

Both the main group motor order and the "free motors" (paid for by Sinkland) came in. See me if you signed up for either.

We need helpers for:
    * setup (Sat at 10:30am), 
    * breakdown (Sun 4-5pm), 
    * LCO Volunteers(L1s & up)
    * RSO Volunteers(L2s and up)
    * Low power build helpers at "kids table" 
      (building low power rockets & saucer kits)
    * Pad helpers
    * High power pad managers (L1s & up)(small H's (under 125g propellant)

BTW.. There still may be an admission fee if you go to the main pumpkin festival grounds.. so bring cash if you want to get some meat-on-a-stick. :)

See you all there!

p.s. Let us know if you're up for another Launch here on Halloween.. their last weekend in October (Sat 30th Sun 31st). Sinkland Farms wants us back then too!

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