[NRVR-Members] September Group Motor Order?

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sun Sep 11 22:55:05 CDT 2022

Anyone up for joining in on a group motor order this week (to be shipped next week)?  I may start one  if we can get 3-5 folks in on it.
BTW.. The launch currently scheduled for Sept 24th.  If you haven't flown on our new field setup.. you should come do so. We just ordered a new away-cell receiver, so we can run the whole system on wireless now, including a dedicated away cell!
We'll send out another email regarding the launch details, but we're flying up through 30lb rockets on Ks now.. Contact us ([ officers(at)nrvr.org ]( mailto:officers at nrvr.org )) ahead of time if you have anything larger.
For now.. just reply about the motor order if you want to joint in. If we have enough people. I'll initiate it.
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