[NRV Rocketry] NRV Rocketry Meeting, Tuesday December 17th, 6:30pm

Carlos Zapata ctzap at verizon.net
Sun Dec 15 08:20:00 CST 2013

Tuesday not a good day for me but I understand that my travel schedule 
doesn't allow me much home time during the week.
For next time may I suggest Thursday nights, There's always a good 
chance that ill be coming home on Thursdays.
If there's good news about high power, please announce it on the website 
or Facebook after the meeting.
Best wishes to all my friends at NRVR for the Holidays!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  May God bless!!!

On 12/15/2013 2:09 AM, Thomas Weeks wrote:
> Hey all!
> Just a quick note. We were wanting to hold a member + public meeting THIS
> TUESDAY NIGHT at the Space Building in the CRC (1901 Innovation Drive,
> Blacksburg).
> Map: http://goo.gl/maps/xcngx
> We want to review some of NRVR advances & challenges of 2013, as well as go
> over what we have in store for the NRV and High Power Rocketry in 2014.
> I don't have all the details, but there will be pizza or food provided, but I
> suggest that members also feel free to bring:
> -Christmas party style snacks, cookies, or finger food
> -Rocket projects they're working on (or would like to show or get comments on)
> -Kids and family members
> It should be a fun time for all! For those new to high power rocketry, this
> will also be a good time to get to see some of what we DO here in the NRV, and
> the types of rockets you can launch with us in 2014:
>     http://nrvr.org/pics/Hobby-Fun-Day-Rocket-Kid.jpg
> Any questions? Please feel free to ask on the mail list (nrvr at nrvr.org) or the
> officers directly (officers(@)nrvr.org).
> NRV Rocketry Officers
> http://nrvr.org/

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