[NRV Rocketry] Rocketry hardware source

Thomas Weeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Wed Jan 9 16:06:44 CST 2013

Cool.. Thanks for the links guys. I'll add them to our growing "useful links" area we're building up for the web site.

You guys use these sources mainly for mounting hardware like recovery line mount points and avionics bay hardware?


"Charles Albright" <calbright at radiantse.com> said:

> Hi,
> Bob is correct. The Fastenal store is located at 5 Midway Plaza Drive.
> Driving north on Business 460 (N.Franklin St.), they are on the left side
> just after you pass Corning Glass, to the right of (actually across Midway
> Plaza Dr from) the BP station. You have to go to the light at Merrimac Rd
> and make a U-turn to get there.
> Looked at from the other direction, i.e. coming from Blacksburg, you would
> pass the light at Merrimac Rd and then turn right onto Midway Plaza Dr. On
> Midway Plaza Dr. you would see the BP station on your left and Fastenal on
> the right, partially hidden behind a few trees.
> I advise using Fastenal judiciously, as a last resort. They are reasonable
> on some items but can be very expensive on other items. I have since found
> two other sources that are better for most hardware items. Locally there is
> Heavener (True Value) Hardware on N. Main St in Blacksburg, on the left just
> past the traffic circle at N. Main and Prices Fork Rd. They are more like
> old-fashioned hardware stores in that they carry many specialized hardware
> items that Lowes and Home Depot don't seem to know about. They are the least
> expensive local source for quick links. Good friendly people.
> The second source is McMaster-Carr on the Internet:
> http://www.mcmaster.com/  Large selection, good prices, fast delivery
> without large delivery charges.
> Happy shopping!
> Charley
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> Hey Charles...
> Where is this Fastenal place again?  Google Maps shows it in the space that
> the BP station on N.Franklin. Is it BEHIND that in one of those other
> buildings on Midway Plz?
> Tweeks

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