[NRV Rocketry] Big Motor Deals Right Now

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Jul 21 22:33:37 CDT 2013

In our bulk order with Ken.. he's made me aware of several specials going on 
right now! (at least for THIS order):

1) Bulk Order (free shipping) ends Monday noon:
Several of us got our high power motor orders in to him.  The deadline for the 
free shipping deal with Performance hobbies (to avoid the $25 hazmat + 
shipping fees) is noon Monday.

Also, there are several special motor deals going on right now:

2) Free CTI, HP Motor Casings
CTI is still doing the "free motor casings" deal with the purchase of any cert 
flight motor reload!  I bought an J $65 motor reload for my L2 cert flight, 
mentioned it in my order comments, and I got a 6grain CTI motor casing for 
free ($65 value)! Nice! 

For those not familiar with how motor casings and reloads work -- it's cheaper 
than flying on throw away "single use" motors, and the CTI (the folks who make 
the Pro38 casings) are some of the best (cleanest) motor reload systems out 

CTI/ProXX is what most of us in NRVR fly on now.

CTI is still offering this certification special (for L1 and L2 reloads) 
through their dealers. So if you're a TRA/NAR member (or want to join) and  
plan on getting certified, now's a great time! 

If interested, just pick a L1 (H) or L2 (J) motor reload that best matches 
your rocket:

and let Ken know your TRA/NAR number (if you have one), that you're planning 
on getting certified with us (in the purchase comments) and you'll get a free 
motor casing to go with your motor reload. :)
NOTE: If ordering before Monday noon, don't forget to mention the #1 "bulk 
order NRVR/Bob shipping deal" too!.

3) 40% off "G58 White Thunder" (pro38) reloads!
Oh.. one last thing to pass along, Ken says that he has a special 40% off on 
the Pro 38 "G58 White Thunder" motor reload as well:
(search G58, I think it's currently listed at reg price of $24)

Just add that to your order comments (that you read about it here)!

I might add a couple to my growing order. 
Heck.. I think I will have saved around $124 off a $250 order with just the 
info above and should be set for a while for motors!  

Hope someone else benefits too!

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