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Subject: [NRVR-Launches] Kentland Farms launch this weekend
Date: Tuesday 15 October 2013
From: Bob Schoner <bob.schoner at gmail.com>
To: nrvr-launches at nrvr.org, nrvr-members at nrvr.org

I apologize for not making the official announcement sooner. To make a
really long story short, the high power launch for October 19 and 20 has
become a low/mid power launch on October 19 only. Despite all the efforts
to secure a waiver from the FAA, I have not gotten one and our FAA contact
in Atlanta is unable to do any work on a waiver due to the partial
government shutdown.

Launch info:

Date: Saturday October 19

Time: 10 am - 5 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm night launch

Location: VT Kentland Farms

Event Type: Class 1, Low/Mid Power TRA commercial launch.

Additional information:

   - There will NOT be a hobby rocketry vendor at this launch
   - There WILL be a port-a-potty on site
   - Class 1 means:
      - rockets weight at liftoff must be under 3.3 pounds /1500 grams
      - rocket motors containing up to 125 grams of propellant or less are
      - this includes some H impulse class motors
   - Rockets flown at night must meet the following criteria
   - rocket must be illuminated from liftoff to touchdown
      - rocket must have flown previously and demonstrated stable flight
      - I am imposing a 2000 foot max altitude for night flights
   - We don't usually call off a launch unless it is clearly a wash out or
   much too windy. If in doubt check the website for weather updates before
   heading out

For additional information on launches:


or send email to: officers(at sign)nrvr.org

My most sincere apologies for not being able to fly the really big rockets
at this launch. Kentland is still a beautiful location and we can have a
lot of fun even with just class 1 restrictions. I hope to see you at the



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