[NRV Rocketry] Fwd: [NRVR-Launches] Kentland Farms launch this weekend

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Oct 18 23:32:24 CDT 2013

Any questions about the launch in the morning folks?

Bob, some of the NRVR members and I should be there at about 9am to start 
setting up. We should be ready for first launches at around 10am. Launch 
details and map here:

Remember, if you want to fly a rocket at our night launch, we have to see it 
fly during the day (safely) first. okay? Here's the full night-launch guide:

Also.. this is a one-day (and night) launch. We WILL NOT be there on Sunday 
this time.

THe next launch after this weekend will be the last weekend in October out at 
Sinkland. Details here:



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> Subject: [NRVR-Launches] Kentland Farms launch this weekend
> Date: Tuesday 15 October 2013
> From: Bob Schoner <bob.schoner at gmail.com>
> To: nrvr-launches at nrvr.org, nrvr-members at nrvr.org
> I apologize for not making the official announcement sooner. To make a
> really long story short, the high power launch for October 19 and 20 has
> become a low/mid power launch on October 19 only. Despite all the efforts
> to secure a waiver from the FAA, I have not gotten one and our FAA contact
> in Atlanta is unable to do any work on a waiver due to the partial
> government shutdown.
> Launch info:
> Date: Saturday October 19
> Time: 10 am - 5 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm night launch
> Location: VT Kentland Farms
> Event Type: Class 1, Low/Mid Power TRA commercial launch.
> Additional information:
>    - There will NOT be a hobby rocketry vendor at this launch
>    - There WILL be a port-a-potty on site
>    - Class 1 means:
>       - rockets weight at liftoff must be under 3.3 pounds /1500 grams
>       - rocket motors containing up to 125 grams of propellant or less are
>       permitted
>       - this includes some H impulse class motors
>    - Rockets flown at night must meet the following criteria
>    - rocket must be illuminated from liftoff to touchdown
>       - rocket must have flown previously and demonstrated stable flight
>       - I am imposing a 2000 foot max altitude for night flights
>    - We don't usually call off a launch unless it is clearly a wash out or
>    much too windy. If in doubt check the website for weather updates before
>    heading out
> For additional information on launches:
> http://nrvr.org/launches/index.html#current
> or send email to: officers(at sign)nrvr.org
> My most sincere apologies for not being able to fly the really big rockets
> at this launch. Kentland is still a beautiful location and we can have a
> lot of fun even with just class 1 restrictions. I hope to see you at the
> launch.
> Bob
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