[NRVR-Members] NRVR Club Finance Report

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Fri Sep 16 23:05:49 CDT 2022

Hey all..
I wanted to just give a quick accounting of club finances since I've taken that role on again in 2022, to explain what we're doing with club resources.
We've got some pretty good news.  After the CANSAT event this summer, they donated $500 to NRVR for our [ support of the international event ]( https://photos.app.goo.gl/rCJ8sXEb9zbWJz9m8 ), bringing our account balance to over $900.  After the last few launches, and safely bringing back high power and larger rockets with our new site setup and new recovery zone.. Bob and I agree that we need a third wireless pad receiver so that we can go 100% wireless on the low power rack as well as run the 100' HP and our 300-500' away cell.  To remedy this, we just bought a new TeleFire LCO pad receiver  (for $650 delivered) from Altus Metrum, which we should be receiving some time in the next week. Bob has filed the $650 purchase with TRA for at least partial PIP coverage (they usually cover up to $500 in annual club expenses, and we shuld get that back some time in the next month). After paying the club trailer insurance tonight ($117/yr), we're back down to $180, just above our minimum balance. Hopefully we'll be getting our PIP check soon, which should bring us back up to around $600, after we pay Bob back for some club expenses.
Anyway.. if anyone has any related questions.. let me know.

Pres & Treas
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